Young leaders who are ready to help


Josie Tomkow

State Representative (FL-39)
Co-founder of Run GenZ

Joe Mitchell

State Representative (IA-84)
Founder and Chairman of Run GenZ

Amber Mariano

State Representative (FL-36)
Co-founder of Run GenZ

Caleb Hanna

State Delegate (WV-44)
Co-founder of Run GenZ

Joseph Alexander

State Representative (NH-Hillsborough 6)
Co-founder of Run GenZ

Mason Morgan

Executive Director
Co-Founder of Run GenZ

Municipal Council

Aaron Carpenter

City Councilman (Marysville, OH)

Joel Castro

City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem (Alvin, Texas)

Ebo Entsuah

City Councilman (Clermont, FL)

Alec Ernst

City Councilman (Shillington, PA)

Roxy Ndebumadu

City Councilwoman (Bowie, MD)

Tara Campbell

City Councilwoman (Yorba Linda, CA)