Claire Cory serves North Dakota as State Representative

State Representative Claire Cory is serving her first term in the North Dakota State House of
Representatives. She is the youngest legislator in the ND State House at the age of 22. Rep. Corey was
initially appointed to her seat in fall of 2019 at the age of 21, and in December 2020, she was sworn into her first elected term in the ND State House. She represents ND 42 nd District in the House. ND HD-42 is where she where was raised, and it is also home to the University of North Dakota. This legislative session, Rep. Corey has been selected to serve on the House Standing Judiciary Committee as well as the House Standing Political Subdivisions Committee. 

Rep. Corey is an ambitious and extremely diligent legislature and champion for her district. She is
currently a finishing her senior year at the University of North Dakota pursuing a degree in political science and public affairs with a minor in philosophy. She continually strives to uphold the United States Constitution in her actions and votes in the ND House of Representatives.

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