Joe Mitchell serves Iowa as State Representative

Joe Mitchell is President and Founder of Run GenZ, a non profit organization focused on encouraging, recruiting, and mentoring the next generation of young, conservative leaders as they step up to the plate and run for public office.

Joe, originally elected at the age of 21, serves Iowa’s 84th House District which is located in the southeast region of the state. He graduated from Drake University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and was elected during his senior year of college. In his first term as a state legislator, Joe excelled in becoming a fellow of BILLD (Bowhay Institute for Legislative Leadership) and a commissioner for the Midwest Higher Education Commission.

On November 3rd, 2020, Joe won re-election to the Iowa House of Representatives with 71.2% of the vote. In the legislature, Joe serves on the Ways and Means, Judiciary, State Government Committees as well as the RIFF Budget Sub-Committee
"The country’s future depends on our ability to help young conservative leaders get engaged, run for office, and make a difference ! Run GenZ will be a powerful tool toward that objective by recruiting and mentoring the next generation of leaders in Iowa and across the nation. I am excited about this opportunity to empower tomorrow’s leaders as they help forge America’s future."
Kim Reynolds
Governor of Iowa


The future starts with bright leaders willing to work for it

America is shaped by those who protect it, and Run GenZ is here to support the freedom-fighters of tomorrow. Winning public office is closer than you think, especially with Run GenZ and Joe by your side.