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August 12, 2020
Rep. Joe Mitchell – (319)-461-9620

Gen Z GOP Legislators Launch Org to Recruit and Train Youth Candidates

Des Moines, IA: 23-Year-Old Iowa State Representative Joe Mitchell has teamed up with other millennial and genera,on Z legislators across the country to launch a new organiza,on, Run GenZ, which will help recruit and train the next genera,on of conservative leaders running for higher office.

Run Gen Z will pair elected legislators with conservative Gen Z candidates who are seeking local, state, and na,onal office. Amber Mariano (R-FL), Caleb Hanna (R-WV), Josie Tomkow (R-FL) and Joe Alexander (R-NH), who are all Genera,on Z elected legislators themselves, have also joined Run GenZ as founding members.

“When I first decided to run for state representative it was very in,mida,ng because as a 21 year old college student I didn’t know anyone else my age who had ran for office before,” said Rep. Joe Mitchell. “If I would have had someone my age to mentor me and give me confidence early on, it would have been a lot easier. Run GenZ will give people a resource that young conservatives had never had the luxury of having before.”

Run GenZ will help assist, encourage and recruit strong conservative leaders across the na,on by educa,ng poten,al candidates on how to officially get on their states ballot. Run GenZ will also provide mentoring programs where candidates will learn how to run and operate a campaign including skills such as fundraising, grassroots volunteer organizing, public speaking and voter engagement.

“The country’s future depends on our ability to help young conservative leaders get engaged, run for office, and make a difference,” said Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. “Run GenZ will be a powerful tool toward that objective by recrui,ng and mentoring the next genera,on of leaders in Iowa and across the na,on. I am excited about this opportunity to empower tomorrow’s leaders as they help forge America’s future.”

Although Run Gen Z just launched, Mitchell and his team are already working with numerous state legislative candidates across the country, and are planning to partner up with other conservative grassroots organiza,ons to get more young leaders elected to public office.

Run GenZ is a 501(C)(4) organiza,on based in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.